Antonía - handcraft

Antonía (1935-2024), is one of the Teigasel sisters. She has a long history of handcrafts where she made all kind of handcrafts, bags and jewelry from various raw material such as stones, vinyl records, reindeer skin, tree branches and wool. For decades Antonía has been known for her enthusiasm for handcrafted materials  and has carved her products to perfection. The last five years before she died, she stayed at a retirement home at Egilsstadir, where she literally changed her room into a handcraft workshop, passionately working on her various handcrafts many of which you can see here today.

Antonía procuts

Antonía died in April 2024 and work on various handcrafts until her last day. Until 2022 she was selling her products on Markets all around the East Iceland. Her various products stretches from knitting products to all kinds of things made from all kinds of material. Using reindeer leather in her products was one of her favourite.


Antonía 85 year of age, selling her products on a market at the east Iceland.

In our Farmers Market you find many of her handcrafts.