Is the river safe for swimming or dive?

No, there are heavy currents in the water and water is cold.

Why the water is green?

The color of the water is different between seasons. Late summer and autumn the water is grey/brown (glacier water). In the spring the snow is melting and the color could be from grey to yellow. In the middle of the winter and summer the water is more green because there is a slight amount of glacier water in the river.

Is the site open for everybody?

Yes, the canyon is always open, but private areas are not open to entry.

Can I drive to the canyon?

Yes, you can either choose road 923 to the farm Grund. The canyon is close to the parking place, or you drive to the farm Hakonarstadir and walk from the bridge 5 km (10 km total)

Are the roads always open?

Yes, they are always open, but sometimes during the winter and in snowstorm the road service is not always available. Please always check www.road.is for more information about the road conditions.

Is it safe to visit the canyon during the winter?

Yes, when the road is open, at the farm Grund there are viewing platforms with handrail.

Where can I stay overnight?

At the Jokuldalur area there are several accommodations.
For more information, please check the Service in the area here

Is there any camping in the area?

Please check information about campsites in the area here 

Where can I have some food or drink?

Food and drink sale at Grund, Möðrudalur, Sænautasel
For more information please check: https://studlagil.is/service/

Where can I go to the toilet?

There are several public toilets in area. For more information check here: